our vision:

To provide a safe haven and nurturing educational community for our 200 children, with all well fed, healthy, safe, and attending school.

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The Kawangware Children's Center is a school for orphans and other vulnerable children in one of the most dangerous slums of Nairobi.  We presently educate and feed nearly 200 of the poorest elementary school kids in Kawangware.  Our donors presently sponsor 98 elementary school students each month - but we know of many more desperate children who need your help.

We are able to provide students with a free education, a place to go during the day, and a healthy breakfast and lunch.  We are able to cover only the children's most basic needs.  Many kids come to school every day almost barefoot - due to the high cost of clothing on our limited budget - which totals $15 per month for an elementary school age child.  We appreciate financial support and continue to raise funds for the program.





We couldn't teach as many young minds without the support of our wonderful donors.

Please join us in thanking

every single one of our

donors that come from around the world.

​We are extremely grateful for their generosity.

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STUDENTS That need a

Our individual sponsorship program supports KCC students who graduate from our school and wish to continue their high school education at boarding schools in a variety of rural areas.  (This is the norm for high school education in Kenya.)

If you wish to sponsor a student today, please contact us.

Kawangware Children's Center

Please help our school for orphans in Kenya



We have 200 students at our school that attend classes from kindergarten to 8th grade.

 Our target client is an AIDS orphan, though we are finding many other children who are truly destitute as well.

Here are two videos that show our students and the school buildings: